12 in 1 Collagen Treatment Mask


Proven to moisturize and hydrate skin with the potency of a professional service in the comfort of your own home.

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The composition of the collagen mask has been designed to best suit human skin tissue. With high-density plant collagen and cutting-edge releasing technology, it allows you to rebuild your own collagen, giving skin a brighter and tighter feeling. A healthier, younger, and more vibrant look is visible with just the first application.

• Rebuild collagen
• Tigthen and brighten skin
• Instant visible effect
• Restore brilliant and youthful skin

How to use

Apply on washed face. Place on face and smooth out all air bubbles.


Green tea. Jojoba Oil. Grape seed. When you hear these ingredients, what comes to mind? Nature? Organic? How about vitality? Each of Apeiro’s products features nothing but vitamins, minerals and natural compounds. We’ve found that the best recipe for anti-aging is found right here on Earth.

Many have turned to harmful and damaging treatments in an attempt to restore their skins beauty. The results have been catastrophic, as synthetic chemical treatments like botulinum have done irreparable harm for a grotesque, artificial look. Other products have even included ingredients like fertilizers, pesticides, sludge, and even genetically modified organisms. In contrast, Apeiro uses nothing but pure, certified organic ingredients to ensure that even the most sensitive skin types experience nothing but excellent results.

Ingredients found in Aperio products, such as the Collagen Radiance Renewal Treatment Set, will even stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Think of collagen, a natural protein made in the human body, as the glue that holds our organs together. As we age, the creation of this crucial protein begins to slow, leading that dreaded aged look, wrinkles and all. Apeiro’s products, particularly its collagen lines, encourage the production of collagen and hinder its breakdown. This feeds and fortifies skin, giving it a natural radiance.

Apeiro’s is crafted with the highest of standards. Each component is a reflection of the power and potency of nature. Each ingredient in Apeiro’s products offers nothing but the purest youth for skin.

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