Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Treatment


Mud mask made luxury! The most lavish, richest Dead Sea Mineral Mud is blended with Pure 24k Gold and therapeutic essential oils, all delivered via an exclusive Liposome Complex.

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Looking for a face mask that does more than just feel nice? Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Miracle Noir is a patented development that delivers extraordinary results. This hypoallergenic formula is part of a new generation of skin treatments that will leave your skin looking and feeling younger than ever. Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Miracle Noir contains an ultra-modern texture and has powerful antioxidants for intense effect. In fact, this mask is so potent that it may be still active 8 hours after removal. This is why you’ll see outstanding benefits with only one or two applications per week.

• Exfoliates to leave skin looking and feeling younger than ever
• Deeply moisturises and balances dry skin for hours
• Encourage skin cell turnover and renewal processes
• Softens and enriches skin
• Delivers a boost of antioxidant protection

How to use

Cleanse skin. Apply a layer of the mask across the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for around 10 to 20 minutes. To clear away, wrap the black applicator in a tissue and glide it over the mask. The applicator lifts the mud away and leaves behind a beautiful, glistening barrier of essential oils. Massage in these oils and leave them on overnight for an intensive moisturising treatment. Use 1 to 2 nights a week. Avoid use on broken-out skin.


Black applicator, essential oils, dead sea mineral mud, pure 24K gold, liposome complex

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