Dead Sea Aromatic Bath Crystals – Relaxing

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Turn your daily bath-time into a pampering, soothing spa. The delicate fragrance and healing essential oils in these aromatic bath crystals will relax your skin – and your senses.

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Enjoy the restful, calming ritual of a luxurious hot tub before bed-time. A splash of Dead Sea Aromatic Bath Crystals will easily turn your regular bath-time into a truly unique experience. The fragrant minerals encapsulated in the crystals penetrate your skin barrier, easing soreness and allowing deep relaxation.
Dead Sea Aromatic Bath Crystals contain natural Dead Sea Salt, renowned for its therapeutic benefits. This extraordinary salt is blended with pure essential oils to hydrate your skin and provide an aromatherapy experience. Soak in the wonderful warmth and scent of this calming bath additive.

• Has a tranquilizing effect on body and senses
• Transforms regular bathwater into a spa-like treatment
• Penetrates the epidermis to deliver therapeutic benefits
• Relaxes muscles and joints to reduce soreness
• The perfect luxurious night-time ritual

How to use

Add a handful of crystals to your bath water. Enjoy a soak for 10 to 30 minutes. After stepping out and drying, follow with your choice of body moisturizer.



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