dead sea salt in 2 hands

Six Sweet Reasons To Slather Yourself In Dead Sea Salt

Whether you’re a bath person or more of a shower and quick scrub kind a’ gal – the benefits of including Dead Sea products to your skincare routine are boundless Dead Sea salt has been venerated for its near-magical health and beauty benefits for thousands of years. The Ancient Romans paid their taxes in salt

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A model with gold mask

Oh My Gold: 10 Reasons Why You Should Add Gold To Your Skincare Routine

From Cleopatra to modern-day Hollywood royalty – gold has always been the best-kept beauty secret Cleopatra’s beauty secret has been unveiled: according to researchers, every night before bed she would cover her face with a layer of gold. Cleopatra was not only a queen of exquisite beauty, she was a wise one too: she knew

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Hyaluronic Acid 2

Nourish your beauty from inside out!

A plan without a plan is only a dream, but how to set a plan for perfect looking skin? Here are a few tips for you!  Exercise Regular exercise is great for your heart, lungs, and is one of the keys to healthy skin! Exercise increases blood flow and help nourish skin cells and keep

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Neta Alchimister with Wonder Mask Treatment and 24K Pure Gold Treatment

The brand that celebrities and models are obsessed!

If you think gold is only for jewelry and fashion, then you have missed out a lot! Top models and celebrities have been showing off their selfie with gold or silver mask, together with luminous and healthy skin after treatment all over Instagram and beauty blogs, creating huge social buzz and viral. These beautiful is

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