Dead Sea Mineral Trio Soap Pack


A set of exclusive soaps, each rich in one of three ingredients from the bounty of the sea: Salt, Mud, and Seaweed. Clean, refine, and nourish your skin naturally.

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Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap nourishes your skin with essential minerals whilst it pulls out impurities. As you scrub away dead skin, excess oil, and perspiration, you’ll also aid in invigorating the healing blood flow. With regualr usage of this therapeutic cleansing bar, you’ll unmask a glowing complexion. One of the oldest spa cures in the world, the Dead Sea is known to treat various maladies. Substances extracted from the hypersaline water and the bed beneath are valued for their health benefits.

Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap draws the impurities out of the skin tenderly so they can be rinsed away easily. The antibacterial elements of this cleansing bar acts as a natural deodorant whilst you wash. Furthermore, this luxury soap exfoliates with Dead Sea Salt, so you achieve skin that’s clean, fresh, and smooth. One of the oldest spa remedies in the world, the Dead Sea is known to treat various ailments. Substances derived from the lake’s hypersaline water and the bed beneath are treasured for their health benefits.

An organic lathering soap rich in minerals, seaweed and trace properties from the Dead Sea. Providing multi-action benefits of cleansing, purifying and conditioning, it extracts dirt and impurities, restoring the natural balance of the skin.

• Removes impurities, exfoliates, and kills odour-causing bacteria naturally
• Leaves you feeling clean, smooth, and fresh
• Lathers richly for a satisfying cleansing experience
• Nourishes skin with minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea
• Restores skin’s natural moisture and pH balance
• Goes beyond cosmetics to give you healthier skin

How to use

Use a loofah or shower poof to get a lather going from this soap. Scrub-a-dub-dub while you sing in the shower. Then rinse all of the suds away.

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