Milk Cleanser


Abandon cleansers that don’t fulfill your skin’s needs with care. This milky lotion attentively removes oil and makeup but keeps the skin’s moisture barrier intact to decrease inflammation.

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Achieve a fresh, soothing complexion and long-lasting softness. The Milk Cleanser is a mixture of calming botanicals and nourishing Dead Sea ingredients. This delicate facial cleanser is optimal even for the most tender skin. Watch redness and other signs of inflammation vanish from regular usage. The effective Milk Cleanser is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and special conditioners that assist in restoring the skin’s organic protective barrier. This formula delivers crucial moisture to rough and sensitive skin as it extensively removes products and impurities. Your face will feel perfectly clean, never stripped or tight.


• Purifies sensitive skin and reactive skin tenderly
• Resolves redness and blotchiness into a more even complexion
• Soothes inflammation drastically over time
• Aid restoring the skin’s barrier to protect against irritants
• Leaves your face feeling soft and silky

How to use

Dampen face using warm water. Dispense cleanser onto clean hands. Massage cleanser into skin in delicate, circular motions. To remove, soak a cotton ball in a mild toner and brush away cleanser residue. Use morning and evening.


Dead sea mineral mud, musk rose oil, jojoba oil

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