Refining Moisture Cream


Looking to keep things simple? This universal face cream delivers all the moisture and nourishment you need without potentially irritating actives.

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PERFECTION Refining Moisture Cream is a minimalist’s dream. Perfect under makeup or alone, this multi-benefit face cream is replete with elite ingredients from nature and science. A blend of Aloe Vera and other botanical extracts is delivered via Liposome technology to ensure ultimate hydration and nourishment. This lightweight, gentle moisturizer reconditions skin to make it feel soft and smooth. Hydrators, nutrients, and all the goodness of Dead Sea ingredients help skin retain its natural balance, so you can get a fresh start every day. Keep skin healthy and youthful with PERFECTION Refining Moisture Cream.

• Contains a gentle yet effective blend of nourishing oils, vitamins, liposomes, and replenishing ingredients
• Moisturises and balances all skin types
• Helps minimise the signs of ageing
• Penetrates deeply to recondition skin and alleviate skin fatigue

How to use

Cleanse skin and pat dry. Using circular movements, massage cream gently into skin until absorbed.


Liposome Complex, Lipsome Complex Vitamin A & E and Encapsulated Vitamin A & E

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