Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment


Say no to the knife. Our 3-step face-lift agenda provides superb results without surgery. Pick a gradual treatment, or be ready for a big event fast.

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Say farewell to invasive skin procedures. Premium Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment is innovated to lift and firm skin exceptionally with OSILIFT technology. OSILIFT combines elastin and collagen fibres, so skin reverts to its original, youthful condition. Premium Non Surgical Face Lift Treatment is a vigorous, 3-step treatment that substitutes dermatological and spa appointments. You get 12 complete treatments, which can last anywhere from 12 days to 6 weeks; you manage the speed of your outcomes. It’s so effortless to revitalize your complexion at home that you’ll question why you ever contemplated on stepping into a doctor’s office.

• Lifts and firms skin for a taute, stiffer look
• Provides professional-looking results without an appointment
• Multifunction treatment can deliver either gradual or intense results
• Stores easily because of compact packaging

How to use

Use this mask as an extensive treatment before special affairs by applying once a day for 12 days. Otherwise, incorporate the mask in your regular skin care regime, applying twice a week for 6 weeks.


Osilift Technology

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