Pearl Whitening Cream Complex


Brighten your complexion with our secret-formula, award-winning skin-whitening cream, which contains only the best ingredients sourced from around the world.

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PRESTIGE WHITE Pearl Whitening Cream Complex is a patented formula of Premier Dead Sea. In a secret process, Pearl Powder is blended with an advanced peptide, anti-ageing vitamins, and natural plant extracts. These ingredients are delivered via liposome technology for maximum penetration and effectiveness. When exposed to sunlight, the skin defends itself by producing melanin. Cell renewal is hindered, and dark pigment builds up in dots, spots, and patches on the skin’s surface. With consistent use, PRESTIGE WHITE Pearl Whitening Cream Complex progressively lightens and evens skin tone for a complexion that prevails against time.

• Whitens and brightens, with attested effects on Asian skin
• Lessens melanin production
• Dims brown spots and patchy pigmentation
• Equalizes skin tone
• Gives skin a pearly sheen
• Produces visible results in as little as 4 weeks

How to use

Rinse face and pat dry. Massage cream into the skin in tender, circular motions. As you massage, the tiny granules disperse to exfoliate dead skin and maximise penetration of the product. Use twice daily.


Pearl Powder, Whitening Peptide, Mulberry Root Extract

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