Rose Quartz Gemstone


Crystal healing and rejuvenation is the latest approach to skin care. Control the powers of Rose Quartz and see a firmer, silkier, more incandescent complexion.

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Our Rose Quartz Gemstone is part of a new age in skin care remedies. Rose Quartz is acclaimed for its soft pink colour and special powers. This sensational stone is believed to heal many spiritual and physical ailments, open the heart chakra, and perfect the complexion. Unlike stone rollers, the Rose Quartz Gemstone can be utilized in two ways. Massage your face lightly with the cooling, smooth stone to diminish puffiness. Or charge some water with crystal powers before cleansing your face. You’ll notice skin that’s freshened, repaired, and rejuvenated.

• Delivers a soothing facial massage
• Enhances lymphatic drainage to lessen puffiness
• Revives circulation
• Firms facial contours
• Smooths wrinkles and lines
• Increases natural healing and renewal processes
• Soothes and rejuvenates the skin

How to use

Cleanse face and pat dry. Apply facial serum, cream, or oil. Caress the stone across your face in upward and outward motions, using feathery pressure. Rinse the stone under clean water and wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Alternatively, place the stone in a glass or ceramic bowl. Fill the bowl with refined water and let the stone infuse it with its crystal powers. Use the charged water to clean and rinse your face.

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