Special Tea Blend, Formula #73 – Exotic Collection


A tasteful night tea that may help promote better health

Net weight. 50g/1.8oz

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Discover an exquisite and caffeine-free mood elevator. Kolkata Chai is made of the most medicinally active herbs. This blend combines saffron in a wealth of spicy and rich flavor. Ginger is harmoniously balanced with light sweet notes of nutmeg. Synergy between the notes creates a potent tea that may help promote better health.

Bold in flavor and rich in heritage, Kolkata Chai is blended especially for a tasteful night tea.

• Powerful antioxidant!
• May improve mood and treat depressive symptoms
• May lower blood sugar levels
• May reduce appetite and aid weight loss
• Can help clear up skin! – such as psoriasis and eczema
• Memory booster
• PMS treatment – hormonal effects of saffron tea can help menstruating women experiencing paining cramps or wood swings

How to use

SUGGESTED USE: 2-3 cups per day (dose-half tea spoon per cup)


Acitve herbs, ginger

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