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To Beauty And Beyond: How NASA Scientists Paved The Way For An Anti-Ageing Skincare Revolution

Nasa scientists got the ball rolling, high-tech engineers picked it up: All you need to know about the innovative home-use skincare device for visibly younger and smoother skin

Beauty, as the old saying goes, is in the eyes of the beholder, and yet beyond that simple truth lies the even deeper understanding that beauty is the end goal of everything. Greek philosophers discussed these concepts thousands of years ago, writing about the “telos” of our lives. Indeed “telos” is the Greek word for “purpose” or “goal” and the inspiration behind the revolutionary at-home skincare device Telosin.

Telosin was designed with the sole purpose of exalting and maintaining the beauty of our skin thanks to cutting-edge science and technology. We’ve created this one-of-a-kind, home-use, hand-held device that’ll leave your skin age-defyingly glowing and beautiful. Let’s breakdown how Telosin works and the extraordinary effects it has on skin tone and structure.

The Ultimate Collagen Booster

Skin rejuvenation and elasticity deeply rely on our skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, the skincare power couple of proteins our body naturally produces. Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping complexion firm and plump, while elastin is the stretchy protein that allows our skin to resume its shape after having been stretched or contracted. By our mid-20’s, natural collagen production starts to decline and that’s why you may see more wrinkles or sagging. Telosin brings hi-tech anti-ageing technology into your home: its user-friendly simplicity, combined with the most cutting-edge skincare science, gives you the power back over your skin’s health and structure. It stimulates collagen and elastin production and encourages blood flow, thus contributing to visibly younger and smoother-looking skin.

Results From Day One

The Telosin device delivers results from the very first use. But it’s worth bearing in mind that the more you apply it, the more deep-rooted and long-term the results will be. Around the two-week mark, cell metabolism accelerates, collagen production is intensely stimulated and skin begins to clear up, becoming visibly smoother and bouncier. Clinical trials have shown a 98% wrinkle reduction as well as a 95% pore size reduction, together with a 91% improvement in texture and 89% in pigmentation. As wrinkles and fine lines disappear and pores drastically minimise, your skin is left feeling and looking glowingly beautiful.

Bacteria Busting Properties

Telosin also produces blue light, a powerful detoxifier which eliminates bacteria and oil residue, the main culprits behind blackheads and other skin impurities such as acne. Blue light heals the skin from within by penetrating the skin’s hair follicles and pores, areas that may harbour bacteria, causing inflammation and acne outbursts. Blue light is particularly effective in killing bacteria from within the skin before it is able to feed off natural oils and cause inflammation and redness.

Long-Lasting Wrinkle Reduction

The Telosin device relies on FDA-approved technology that has undergone numerous clinical trials. Before granting its full approval, the FDA wanted to make sure the reduction in wrinkles was not merely a “Cinderella Effect”, meaning that the results wouldn’t just go away overnight. Months after the initial trial, participants came back to have their skin evaluated and more than 90% had not only retained the wrinkle reduction achieved during the initial trial, the reduction had even further improved.

Safe and Easy Home Pampering

The Telosin device is extremely easy and safe to use. It can be applied to any area of the body and suits all skin types. First you cleanse your skin, apply serum (it will help hydrate and repair your skin), then once your Telosin device is turned on, press the triangular applicator tip to the area you wish to work on and hold for about four minutes. The heat emitted by the LED light helps calm inflammation and increases blood flow with the added bonus effect of giving the skin a nice little glow.

Anti-Ageing 24K Gold Coating

Telosin devices are covered with 24K gold, itself a powerful collagen-boosting metal and highly coveted skincare ingredient. The natural anti-ageing properties of gold join forces with the high-tech LED light, ensuring an exceptionally luxurious and effective skincare experience.

Powerful Skin-Healing Technology

LED light technology is one of the safest and most effective skin-healing methods available. First developed by NASA with the aim to accelerate their astronauts’ skin-healing response while in space, LED light emits wavelengths able to deliver effective doses of light to your skin. This triggers cell metabolism and antioxidant activity. Once the beauty industry caught onto this powerful innovation, it was just a matter of time before it would make an entrance in beauty salons and dermatologists’ offices. Telosin has now made it possible for you to integrate this revolutionary tool to your everyday skincare routine from the comfort of your own home, using nothing but the palm of your hand.

Engineering a Skincare Revolution

The Telosin skincare device was created by an elite group of engineers and dermatologists. Together, they harnessed their deep understanding of how our skin works and what it needs to rejuvenate, combined it with the laws of geometry, and came up with the revolutionary triangular applicator tip. Its geometric shape enables it to maximise power distribution so that multiple positive energies are evenly transferred to the skin layers for unparalleled anti-ageing results.


Skin issues, be them wrinkles, blemishes, acne or eye bags, can be confidence crushing no matter your age. Until recently, remedies were highly specialised and involved costly trips to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Though some conditions may still require expert outside intervention, home-use beauty devices are nothing short of a skincare revolution.