Ultimate Protecting And Defending Cream


Stimulates the skin’s natural antioxidant defence, reinforcing skin resistance, while giving it a good nourish.

size: 60ml

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The luxurious, soothing cream that protects, defends, detoxifies and nourishes skin. The extraordinary blend thoroughly and instantly penetrates and moisturises the deeper skin layers, stimulating natural antioxidant defences, reinforcing skin resistance.

– Protects, defends, detoxifies and nourishes skin
– Instantly penetrates and moisturises the deeper skin layers
– Stimulates natural antioxidant defenses
– Reinforces skin resistance
– Ultimate treatment and protection to skin

How To Use

Onto cleansed skin, apply the cream in soft circular motions until absorbed. For better results, apply after the Ultimate Pearl Facial Peel, as the Facial Peel helps open pores for better penetration and absorption. This cream also closes pores after absorption, completing the ultimate treatment and protection to skin.

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