Wonder Dust


Providing an immediately calming and cooling effect,  the cream instantly absorbed and work to relieve imflammation and leaves the skin hydrated and beautifully radiant.

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Wonder Dust is specially formulated powdered cosmetic grade silver leaves (processed to a thinness of 0.0001 mm) that, when mixed with moisturizer, visibly improves the skin’s appearance by providing an immediately calming and cooling effect. Blending with the cream, the micro-powdered silver gets instantly absorbed into the skin also works to reduce redness, fight infections and provide anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Naturally extra soft and fragile, the powdered composition adds a rich sense of luxury and value to any cream’s composition and leaves the skin feeling calm, hydrated and beautifully radiant.

• Reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles
• Instantly calming and cooling effect
• Assists skin moisture retention
• Reduce redness, anti-inflammatory and healing

How to use

Apply powder on clean skin and gentle massage onto entire face until absorbed.


Pure silver

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