Yubari King Wrinkle Eraser


It likes a magic that entrely restore skin’s elasticity, help to reduce fine line and wrinkles immediately, leaving the skin younger looking.

size: 10 ml

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This unique and precise applicator treatment targets the area to be treated and releases a double-action lifting formula, which instantly diminishes the look of wrinkles and lines. This eraser incorporates a fantastic infusion obtained from the Yubari King cantaloupe. The Yubari King is the most expensive fruit in the world and an amazing “super food” and a great source of multi minerals, pro-Vitamin a, C, b complex, potassium, beta-carotenes and collagen. This highly concentrated, ultimate precise applicator helps to perfectly restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness with its exclusive lifting power.


• Diminshes wrinkles
• Immediate and long term benefits
• Injection free solution
• Anti-aging effect

How To Use

Application: onto clean dry skin, apply the wrinkle eraser directly over areas of concern. Prevent facial movements for a couple of seconds.

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